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Mission Statement

“To build communities of compassion and support to enrich the lives of older adults and others we serve.”

About Us

Sunnyside Care Center is a 30 bed skilled nursing facility with a family-like atmosphere. We have the highest standards for quality care and truly get to know the people and families we care for. Our staff are the best in the area and our customers are consistently impressed with the care we provide.

Sunnyside is owned by Becker County. We have been trusted to serve our community for more than 60 years, from providing short term rehabilitation services to caring for individuals for long term. Sunnyside is located on beautiful Boyer Lake, offering breathtaking views for all to enjoy.

Meet Us

Quality Care

Compassionate Staff

Lake Living

Our History

Sunnyside started first as a TB (tuberculosis) sanitarium in 1916. In 1951, the sanitarium was converted to a nursing home that was jointly owned by Becker and Clay Counties until 1966 when Becker County bought Clay County’s share of the facility. In 1973, a resolution was passed to build a new building and in 1975, residents moved into the current building. Today, Sunnyside is honored to continue providing quality care to enrich the lives of those we serve.

Through love and compassion, our goal is to create a family-centered community; to participate in the traditions in our community; and to encourage continuing innovation.

Our Nursing Care